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Satya Harishchandra Foundation A Unique centre for tracing & Cremation

Few of the people from the city masses are turning into unidentified and unclaimed dead bodies under any circumstances even after leading a life of dignity and honour. Since there is no one to gather information and pass it to the Victim families of such unclaimed bodies and no one to preserve information of such people, many well-to-do people are also becoming unknown/unclaimed dead bodies. S.H.F. stands a platform for to unfortunate brethren bridging the gap between such unclaimed dead bodies and their families.

At about 10 such Unclaimed Bodies are being added daily to the Mortuaries in Osmania and Gandhi Hospitals from Railway Stations and Bus Stands, Etc. It is very difficult to know the where abouts of the missing and unidentified dead bodies in our city. Therefore this foundation took up voluntarily, with an service motto, the responsibility of gathering the photographs of the unclaimed bodies for preserving the information as well as to pass such information to the kith and kin.

We have been updating our website regularly to facilitate information regarding the unclaimed bodies to people across the globe. The foundation has been maintaining a photo gallery for the last 10 years on humanitarian grounds. We have also performed last rites to over 3500 unclaimed bodies till now during the last 4 years of which information regarding 1150 unclaimed bodies was passed on to their respective families thus providing them the opportunity of viewing their beloved ones for an last time and to perform the last rites. We firmly believe that performing one´s last rites is the most sacred task.


To activate as a center of information regarding unclaimed bodies and to pass information to the bereaved families.

Foundation is working with the aim of managing unclaimed bodies from mortuaries after 72 hrs. to avoid further deterioration and health hazards in the interest of public neighboring area and Hospital staff.

Volunteers of our Foundation are coming forward to do the last rites of the Unclaimed dead bodies even death occurs due to H I V, T B and other infective diseases, treating as their own family members, where the Blood relatives are left the bodies remain in the Mortuaries.

Ambulating the unknown destitute patients in the causalities of Govt. Hospitals and after recovery of those patients S H F get admit them into old age homes.

This noble cause done without any inhibitions as unto a close relative, has not only been published in news papers and also earned praise from many well learned people of the city. Several TV Channels have been telecast the activities of the foundation also received many applauds among us for above cause.


Money makes many things is an universal truth for quelling the hunger and for cremating a dead body is lies beyond expenditure. Therefore we request you to extend your valuable co-operation and encouragement by extending help in the form of cash or any kind of material to this cause. which we have been rendering unselfishly by investing our money worth and work leave alone our effort.

Please make cheque/draft payable to Satya Harishchandra Foundation, Hyderabad.

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