If a society needs good doctors than it is our responsibility to encourage VOLUNTARY BODY DONATION, no one can become a good doctor unless and until he practices on dead body which is the principle teacher or guru of doctor. Anatomy is a unique subject dealing with the knowledge of study of the human body structures. A sound knowledge of the anatomy is very essential for medical students to begin their medical career and later become effective and competitive medical professionals. Thus the material mainly utilized for practical purposes are dead bodies. Teaching and research in anatomy is mainly based on cadaver dissection.

Donating your body is a generous and legal act, governed by the Code of Public Health. It is a voluntary act that a person can do to save lives or to give his body to science. A donation of the body is mainly to the medical colleges for teaching and research purposes. SHF Supports the “VOLUNTARY BODY DONATION” in co-ordination with related others NGO’s.


Body donation is a gracious act, Shankarcharaya firmly believed in concept of Body Donation or Organ Donation and said “paropakarum Iddham sharirum” i.e. the body is for use of others and death is not the end, it is the beginning.

Anatomy is important basic subject for medical students, both U.G. & P.G. Best method of Anatomy learning is by dissection on human cadavers, which remains principle teaching tool. Human cadavers for purpose of study are a scarcity with mushrooming of medical institutions in this country. Unclaimed bodies are no more origin of cadavers..

A Voluntary Body Donation is defined as the act of giving one’s Body after death for Medical research and education.

Dissections of unclaimed bodies obtained from the police are not only source of cadavers, but also from Voluntary body donation for the same is important. Burial or cremation of dead bodies is a symbol of religious tradition followed in India. However the concept of awareness of VOLUNTARY BODY DONATION in large scale is uttermost necessity of the hour. Voluntary body donation is regulated by various acts and specific laws lay down according to each county.

Each cadaver is like a new source of knowledge as many variations can be identified which could help the clinicians In addition to this; these donations help the surgeons to experiment innovative surgical skills and procedures in form of cadaver labs, workshops, thus giving them an opportunity to explore in a realistic manner. Another innovation evolved are the cadaver banks like brain banks, kidneys, liver, skin and vessel bank which form a collections for organ donation when need is required . Voluntary body donations are precious gift to the mankind. The inability of our Medical Institutions to attract Voluntary Body Donation for the purpose of dissection might be due to social and religious concepts present in our INDIA.

Therefore it is suggested that public should support Voluntary Body Donation by donating their dead bodies and also by conducting awareness camps and explain this Voluntary Body Donation is a noble act.


C: Calmness and peace which we do not have.

A: A frozen picture of life.

D: Distribute what they left.

A: A knowledge which can save the present living.

V: Vital information they impart.

E: Every part we explore, a mystery in its own way.

R: Respectable work, even in their death bed.

S: Sincere “Thank’s” to the teaching dead.

Body donation and Anatomy act:

This act enacted by various states in India for supplying of unclaimed bodies to Medical and Teaching institutions for anatomy dissections for students and for other similar purposes. Unclaimed cadavers can be obtained legally by the police. Anatomy act is a State Act published in State Government Gazette, which regulates the use of dead bodies for medical research and education.

In India the Anatomy act was enacted in 1949, which has been adopted in all the states of India. It provides for collection of a dead body for teaching purpose, only if death occurs in a state hospital or in a public place within the prescribed zone of medical institution, provided the police declared a lapse of 48 hours, that there are no claimants for the body and it could be used for medical education.

Bodies not suitability for donation: 1. Decomposed body. 2. Obesity 3. Extreme emaciation 4. Suicide or homicide. 5. Death due contagious diseases

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  1. As we all know medicine is that education which involves lakhs of rupees, where a common man cannot afford it. The body donation can help some extent to overcome their financial problems and become the doctors.
  2. Every medical student can become professional in their respective fields.
  3. “VOLUNTARY BODY DONATION” even assists in controlling anti-social elements which are involved in business with dead bodies.

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