Mission & Vision:

SHF vision is to work towards a better India by establishing the branches in all over the India.

  • To be a national NGO with focus on tracing the missing persons and cremating unclaimed dead bodies from single platform.
  • To be a self-supporting NGO.
  • To be supported by willing and voluntary donations from the public.
  • To strengthen awareness about utilization of SHF services through its own staff and volunteer teams, use mass communication channels and erase social stigma.
  • To work hand in hand with Union and state health authorities and Municipal Corporations.

SHF in Nutshell

Satya Harishchandra Foundation (Unknown – unclaimed – Missing Bureau) was established in 1994.  Even though we had a humble start with no office, staff members or resources we moved forward with the confidence in the goodness of our people.

  • Trustees – to work as models- no compensation whatsoever for their social contributions.
  • SHF is a self-reliant NGO in India.  SHF has never sought nor taken any Govt. Grant or support from major Foreign Donor Agencies so far.  The objectives of the Foundation are managed through public donations received from various sources.
  • SHF has stood the test of time with own communication strategies and Practices involving common people for Awareness and monetary support.
  • SHF has grown into a leading NGO in the State of Telangana in India, thanks to the dedicated services of its teams.
  • SHF works hand in hand with State Government and related departments like Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, Medical, Revenue and Police.
  • SHF involves students and citizens for awareness-cum-resource mobilization.  SHF has given opportunity to every citizen to participate in this humanitarian effort.
  • SHF Publishes the photographs of unknown – unclaimed and missing and photos of unknown patients in website: www.unknownbodies.org. This created a single platform to search missing persons.
  • SHF performs the final rituals of unclaimed dead bodies with all due respects and providing dignified departure from this materialistic world.
  • SHF lifts the unclaimed dead bodies for the cremation after stipulated period i.e., after 72 hours in view of environment and prevents general public from causing new disease.
  • SHF adopts HIV / TB Dead bodies for cremation. Till 2015 SHF has cremated above 12000 dead bodies and traced at about 5000 + dead bodies.
  • SHF supports the destitute families in cremating dead bodies by providing financial assistance and free transportation to carry the dead body to nearest grave yard (limited area).
  • SHF has expanded its scope by situating Destitute Welfare Centre, where the shelter is provided only to orphans handling different aspects of TB treatment, care, surgery, rehabilitation and the like.  All services are free to the citizens without any discrimination.
  • SHF uses Mass Communication Medium such as Media Channels with great advantage.
  • SHF runs Ningi Nela News Paper by adding caption as “TRUTH AT ANY COST” (2012).
  • SHF is proud to encourage the DEAD BODY DONATION to the medical Colleges.

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