origin-1This Organization has its seed in 1994 by Kangula Rajeshwar Rao. With an innovative idea i.e., to create -
- The identity of unknown – unclaimed dead bodies and
- Single platform to trace the missing persons.


K. Rajeshwar Rao used to visit the Hospital along with his father (Who was fourth class employee (Ward boy) in Osmania General Hospital) in frequent intervals. He experienced excruciating smell from morgue which is revealing out of decomposed (unclaimed) dead bodies.

One day he found gathering weeping near the mortuary, who are enquiring about their missing person and got the information that missing person is dead and he is in morgue. Here, the missing person’s family is in dilemma to pick dead body. Because, these dead bodies are in highly decomposed state which was lying since 2-3 months in the morgue, which cannot be identified until and unless DNA test is performed.

Here, Mr. K. Rao experienced himself in such dead bodies & felt guilt about their position, here the meaning of word HUMANITY is totally vanished with regard to such bodies. This situation made him to resolute to make the identity of such dead bodies.


Mr. K. Rao was the operator in photos Sun Color Lab (which is near to morgue of Osmania General Hospital) and skilled photographer. To aerate his thought, he started extracting the photographs of unknown dead bodies and publish the same.
INVESTMENT OF Mr. K. Rao to implement his Idea.


Mr. Rao started the extracting photographs of unknown dead bodies immediately when the dead body brought to the morgue by offering the one set of photographs to Police Officials for their record at free of cost and other set of photographs are pasted by him on the walls out side the morgue for the identification of dead bodies by their relatives. Mr. K. Rao used to met the expenditure from his pocket i.e., half of his salary.

one day a lady recognized his relative and claimed the dead body with in two days of death occurred. In another instance one of his family member was in missing who was the government employee, Mr. Rao was wondered to found him in the photographs extracted by him at mortuary, they claimed the dead body for cremation, later statutory benefits claimed by their blood relatives. This gave him a lots of pleasure and which compelled him to encourage such service which reduces the agony of the missing person’s family. But the idea of wall poster doesn’t worked because no longer the poster are existing on wall.

Immediately he thought to maintain the album of such photographs which can preserved even after the late hours of the cremation for the convenience of their related families. So, Mr. Rao Started the DEAD BODIES PHOTO LIBRARY beside the Afzalgunj Police Station with the consent Police Personnel’s and started showing the photographs of unknown and unclaimed dead bodies to the missing person’s families to search their missing person in the existing photographs. The main source for advertisement was police officers of his services, Police has started sending victim families to search missing person in the photographs of unknown dead bodies with the K. Rajeshwar Rao. This particular Activity created a single platform to victim families to trace their beloved one.

Still Mr. Rao is dissatisfactory with his services because only few photographs of dead bodies are being traced in a month out of hundreds of dead bodies. He thought every dead body photo is not published in media, even published it is only for one day which may or may not reach to the notice of family members of such dead body. Mr. Rao wanted to make the photo to reach every cornor of the society by starting a website.

Even the photographs of dead bodies are identified by their relatives, but they are unable to identify the dead bodies in morgue due to accumulation of dead bodies which are in decomposed and terrifying state. Mr. Rao to avoid such situation, as per statute he thought to cremate the unknown dead bodies immediately after turning in to unclaimed dead bodies i.e., after 72 hours and to preserve the information even after the late hours of the cremation.

Creation of website and cremation of unclaimed dead bodies followed by huge legal process. Such activities are not possible unless and until the creation of NGO. To execute his thoughts he immediately sold his personal property for six lakhs to meet the expenditure to create the office for the benefit of public.

Mr. K. Rao established the Organization in 2004 as SATYA HARISHCHANDRA SOCIETY FOR CREMATION OF UNKNOWN DEAD BODIES. Registered under Registrar of Societies on 01-07-2004. Regd No. 1033/2004.
Later Mr. K. Rao legalized his activities by obtaining permissions in frequent intervals from different (related) Departments of the Government such as:
1. Permission is accorded to establish the identity of dead bodies in Lr. No. L&O/M2/2282/2005. By Commissioner of Police Hyderabad. On dated 30-04-2005.
2. Permission is accorded for cremation of unidentified, unclaimed for ever in Lr. No. L&O/M2/2282/2005.
By Commissioner of Police Hyderabad. On dated 29-12 -2005.
3. Identification of all unidentified / unclaimed dead bodies by Satya Harishchandra Society – Helpline unknown bodies in Lr. No. L&O/M2/2282/2005-06. By Commissioner of Police Hyderabad. On dated 19-05 -2006.
4. Permission is accorded for cremation of unidentified, unclaimed for ever in Lr. No. 151/D4/CCRB/CYB/2006. On dated10-10-2006. By Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad.
5. Permission is accorded for cremation of unidentified, unclaimed in Lr.No. D1/Spl/08. On 12-12-2008. By District Collector, Hyderabad.
6. Permission accorded to Satya Harishchandra Foundation for space in Bus Stands to place the Hoardings provided free bus pass facility to volunteers in Lr.No. C3/10(G-7)/2010-OPD(C). By Chief Commercial Manager, Bus Bhavan.
7. Identification of un identified / unclaimed dead bodies by Satya Harishchandra Society – Help line unknown bodies – Instructions issued in Lr. No. 213/Sec.I & IV/CCRB/HYD. On dated: 11-04-2014. By Commissioner of Police, Detective Department.
8. Finally Satya Harishchandra Foundation adopted a G.O.Ms.No.95. On dated:15 March 2011 for final rights of unclaimed dead bodies for ever only by SHF.

9. Later SHF got approval u/s 80 G of Income Tax Act 1961issued in F.No. DIT (E)/HYD/80G/60(03)/10-11, Dated: 09-09-2011 followed by 12A issued in F.No.DIT(E)HYD/12A/37(05)/08-09, Dated:30-10-2008. 

10. On 29-10-2013 Satya Harishchandra Foundation registered under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010. (FCRA) 

After 2011 organisation adopted one more feature i.e., extraction of photographs of unknown patients who are bought by the ambulance or admitted in the hospital by any other source on daily basis. Even these photographs are published in our website. If unknown patients still remains unknown even after the completion of treatment than we locate them a shelter in any oldage home or orphan home, or we shift them to our DESTITUTE WELFARE CENTER (old age home) by fulfilling all legal procedure i.e., only after giving the intimation to concerned Police Station.

Now, Satya Harishchandra Foundation stood as a unique center to create the identity of unknown dead bodies, unknown patients and for cremation of unclaimed, TB and HIV dead bodies providing dignified departure from this materialistic world. The Foundation preserves the data of unclaimed dead bodies even after late hours of the cremation. The special feature of this Organization is, it can create the identity of dead body within 2-3 minutes (if the death is occurred in Hyderabad, Secundrabad and Cyberabad limits), only when missing persons details reaches us by means of lookout notice issued by the Police Stations and if the family members of missing person, approaches us.


Missing person’s Family can find their related one with in few minutes if any thing happened to him/her in Twin Cities and some other districts in State of Telangana.
If unknown dead body is traced than such dead body is handed over to their respective family.
If unclaimed dead bodies traced after late hours of cremation, than cremation certificate is issued to claim Death Certificate, to claim the further benefits like Insurance, Pensions, scholarship Etc., which is not possible with out Death Certificate.
If Photographs of past unknown patients are traced, if such patient is located shelter by us, than such patient will be brought back and handed over to their respective family.
We make our possible efforts to trace the relatives of unknown, unclaimed dead bodies and unknown patients admitted in Govt. Hospitals by108 Ambulance and any other way. If noun are found than we take the respective measures which are deemed to be fit.

NOTE: All the above procedure will involve Legal process.